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Deutsch-Niederländische Gesellschaft e.V. Münster


The German-Dutch Association currently has approximately 220 members. Members are representatives from the economy, politics, educational institutions and governmental institutions as well as individuals from both countries.

Please contact us at the office of the our association if you are interested in becoming a member of the German-Dutch Association Münster. Your details will be transferred to the management board, which will consider the application. Currently the following annual fees apply:

Annual fee
Students / Individuals up to 30
€ 15,00
€ 50,00
Institutions / Corporations
€ 70,00
€ 100,00

In Germany the association does not have to pay taxes because it is "publicly useful" [§ 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 9 von der Körperschaftssteuer].

Charter in German (size A4)
Charter in German (size A5)